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Scania 124G Thermo

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Scania-124G-Thermo-1-1-470x265.jpg Scania-124G-Thermo-2-1-470x264.jpg Scania-124G-Thermo-3-470x264.jpg

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— Features —

– Full AO
– Stickers on Glass and Thermo Parts
– 3D Plate And TR Plate
– Animated Cab light “O”
– In-Car Wheel Tire Mode
– Axle “U ada in the middle
– FPS LEDs with non-dropping lightmask
– Real Interior
– Front, Side And Rear Curtain
– Engine Sound And 2 Different Air Horn
– That ‘s all I can think of. Good Games.

— Parts Owners —

– Model:?
– Rear Curtain: Bertan Baday
– LED and Wheel Tire with Lightmask: Harun Aras (Egeli)
– Thermo: Sefa Tetik
– Closure: İsa Koyuncu
– Rear Bumper, Plate and Stop: Harun Aras (Egeli)


— Özellikler —

– Full AO
– Cam Ve Thermo Gibi Kısımlarda Stickerler
– 3D Plakalık Ve TR Plaka
– Animasyonlu Kabin ışığı “O”
– Aracın Kendi İçinde Jant Lastik Modu
– Ortada Dingil “U”
– FPS Düşürmeyen Lightmask’li LED’ler
– Real İnterior
– Ön, Yan Ve Arka Perde
– Motor Sesi Ve 2 Farklı Havalı Korna
– Eksiğiyle Fazlasıyla Aklıma Gelenler Bu Kadar . İyi Oyunlar .

— Parça Sahipleri —

– Model : ?
– Arka Perde : Bertan Baday
– Lightmask’lı LED Ve Jant Lastik : Harun Aras (Egeli)
– Thermo : Sefa Tetik
– Kapama : İsa Koyuncu
– Arka Tampon, Plakalık Ve Stop : Harun Aras (Egeli)

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